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A Brief History of the Town of Youngsville


The Town of Youngsville, originally known as Pacific, was incorporated on March 17, 1875. John "Jack" Young gave land for a train depot and the town's name was changed at that time in honor of his gift. The attempt to change the name was not an easy one, taking nearly twelve years due to problems with the Post Office Department. Once incorporated, the town began a fast upward swing to prosperity. Farmers raised increasing amounts of cotton and tobacco and needed supplies and markets for their crops. Businesses multiplied, cotton gins and warehouses were built, and by 1900, Youngsville had become one of the largest tobacco markets in the South.


Main Street circa 1915
Timberlake Drug Store circa 1915
Looking east on Main Street circa 1925
Looking west on Main Street circa 1941
Photos courtesy Dr. A.N. Corpening
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