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Monthly Garbage Pickup and Recycling Charges

Residential and Business

Monthly Rate
Basic Garbage Pickup (Includes one 90 gallon roll cart)
Basic Garbage with 2 roll carts
Basic Garbage with 3 roll carts
Recycling Service (include one 60 gallon recycle cart
Recycling with 2 recycle carts


Garbage Pickup and Recycling Rules

The Town of Youngsville provides its citizens with a garbage service for a set fee.  This service is mandatory by Ordinance. Fees are billed a month in advance at a rate of $27.15.  Each residence and business is furnished a 96 gallon roll cart.  Curbside Recycling is also available for a fee of $7.00 but is not mandatory. You can rent extra roll carts or recycling carts for an additional fee. 

Household garbage ONLY is allowed in the roll carts, there should be no brush, recyclables, etc. located in the roll cart.  All garbage should be in bags; no loose litter, shredded paper, ashes, packing peanuts, etc.  Residential and Business pick up is done once a week on Friday and should be at the curbside, but NOT in the roadway, by 5am (though we recommend placing them out the night before).  These conditions must be met for household garbage to be picked up in accordance with the contract between the Town of Youngsville and the sanitation service.  Recycling is picked up every other Friday and should be un-bagged in the cart.  Allowable items are: Plastics such as containers (numbers 1-7, NO oils or pesticides) including soda and water bottles, milk jugs, shampoo and detergent containers, and food trays;  Glass – bottles and jars of any color; Metal such as tin and aluminum cans, aluminum foil and metal trays; and Paper products such as newspapers, magazine, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, office paper, phone books, cereal boxes and paper egg cartons.  Corrugated cardboard is NOT allowed in the recycling containers (See below for more information)

The Town will also provide the pickup of items other than household garbage.  Active accounts will be allowed one free truck load per week.  Additional truck loads will be billed a $50.00 fee per load plus actual tipping fees as billed by Franklin County Transfer Station. 

Monday is the scheduled pick up day for the Town Truck, weather permitting.  Have your garbage at curbside, but NOT in the roadway, by 6:00am.  If you miss Monday pick up, it will be the following Monday before we are able to pick up the garbage.

  1. 50 pound weight maximum for each item.  Please contact Town Hall if you have questions concerning a large item.
  2. No item that one person cannot safely load.
  3. No automotive or truck parts.
  4. No lumber or building materials from demolished, remodeled or new buildings or houses.
  5. No large trees that have been cut by a tree removal company or individual regardless of size.
  6. No tree or shrubbery limbs that are cut in pieces over 5 feet in length.  Please separate the brush from other types of garbage.
  7. Cardboard can be broken down and placed by the curb for Monday pick up. 


2019 Recycling Schedule

January 10, 24   
July 12, 26
February 7, 21 
August 9, 23
March 7, 21 
September 7, 20*
April 4, 18   
October 4, 18
May 2, 16, 30  
November 1, 15, 30*
June 13, 27
December 13, 28*

*Service will be on Saturdays due to the following Holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Leaf Season

Leaf Season runs from the first Wednesday of November to the first Wednesday of February.  During Leaf Season, the Town will pick up leaves that are raked to the side of the road, do NOT rake into the roadway, on Wednesdays, weather permitting.  They should be in neat piles with no sticks, twigs, rocks, or excessive amounts of dirt mixed in with them.  During other times of the year, leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, pine cones, flowers, etc. will be picked up on the 1st Wednesday of each month.  Please DO NOT bag your leaves, etc.     


Town of Youngsville - PO Box 190 - Youngsville, NC 27596 - Phone (919) 925-3401 - Fax (919) 925-3402
Email - Townyngs@townofyoungsville.org