Youngsville Board of Adjustment

The Youngsville Board of Commissioners sit as the quasi-judicial Board of Adjustment to hear zoning cases such as Special / Conditional Use Permits and Variance Requests.   The Board of Adjustment meets at 7:00pm at the Youngsville Community House, 115 E Main Street the first Thursday of February, May, August, and November.  On occasion, the Board of Adjustment may schedule a Special Called Meeting to hear a case that is under a time constraint.


Public Hearings and Evidentiary Hearings may be scheduled during a public meeting (i.e. Board Meetings).  The Board of Commissioners meets the 2nd Thursday of each month and The Board of Adjustment meets quarterly. 
Please note that each Hearing functions differently:

  • Public (legislative) Hearing – These Hearings allow people to come before the Town Council to state their views. After receiving public comment, the item is turned over to the Council for discussion and a possible vote.
  • Evidentiary (quasi-judicial) Hearing (Special / Conditional Use and Variance Applications) – These Hearings are different from other Public Hearings in that they resemble a Court Hearing where testimony is presented and the Board of Commissioners acts like a court of law. During Evidentiary Hearings, the Board of Commissioners, acting as the Board of Adjustment, receives only sworn testimony and other credible evidence. In addition, the Board of Adjustment must make findings of fact based upon the evidence presented. Citizens may give testimony in an Evidentiary Hearing after they have taken an oath
Click here for the outline of Board of Adjustment Hearings.