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Special Events Permit

The Town of Youngsville has adopted a Special Event Policy. 

The Town recognizes the following guiding principles as critical to event management within the town: A light regulatory hand is desired to preserve options and choices for event organizers and participants, Public safety at events is the town's primary interest and reason for involving itself in event management, A secondary interest of the Town is to mitigate and limit the impact of events on those who are not participating, thus limiting disruption of their daily lives, and Because the Town recognizes that events add to the quality of life in Youngsville and can serve as an economic development tool, the Town has an interest in facilitating successful events.

 To the extent that events of a short-term nature have an impact on the provision of public services and potentially affect public health and safety, the Town of Youngsville has established the thresholds and review requirements for a variety of events that may occur within the town limits.

 The Town of Youngsville's Town Board may sponsor public events. If an event is selected for Town sponsorship, the Town may absorb a percentage (up to 100%) of the direct and indirect costs to the police and public works departments for the provisions of their services during the event. Event organizers seeking town sponsorship of events shall submit a written request in the special event application and make submittal at least 120 calendar days before the scheduled date of the event.

 The Town desires to balance the interests of event organizers with the interests of those not attending the events.  No Town-owned park, greenway, or facility may be closed to the general public during the event's duration, unless the Town Board authorizes, in advance, limited public access for the duration of the event. Event organizers seeking limited public access of a Town-owned park, greenway, or facility shall submit a written request in the special event application and make submittal at least 120 calendar days before the scheduled date of the event.

 The event organizer of any event requiring a special event permit shall submit the following information on an application form provided by the town no less than 120 calendar days in advance of the event. General information demonstrating that the requirements are being met will be provided for all events requiring a special event permit as directed by the town administrator.

 Special event permit applications and accompanying documentation will be submitted to the police department. The police chief shall distribute this information to all necessary departments for review and comment.

 The Town recognizes that events generate an energy and volume of potential customers which may encourage multiple events at the same time or smaller events to adjoin large events. Event organizers of such “piggyback” events must obtain a special event permit from the Town, even though their event might not otherwise require a permit if conducted separately.

 The Town Board may establish, and from time to time amend, a schedule of fees for special event permits and reimbursement rates for police and public works assistance at special events. The purpose of the fees is to equitably distribute the cost of administering and coordinating event preparation. The reimbursement rates are to equitably distribute the cost of cleanup and to protect the Town from absorbing the cost of extraordinary events. The Town Board may also establish a requirement for additional financial security (such as a bond or letter of credit) for events which may present significant burdens on town facilities and services. Permit fees are not “waivable” by the Town Board nor are they included in requests for town sponsorship.

 The Town may refuse to issue a special event permit under the following circumstances: If the special event permit application and accompanying documentation is incomplete, insufficient, or does not provide information such that the Town can verify conformance with all special event requirements and the event organizer is unable or unwilling to provide this information, if the special event permit applicant fails to remit the fees for the administration of the special event permit, if the Town determines that it will not be able to ensure public health and safety during the event, if the event organization has a poor record of conformance with permit requirements.  Any entity denied a permit may appeal that denial to the Town Board within 30 days of the receipt of denial.

 The police chief or his designee may intervene in the operation of any special event that poses a clear and present danger to the participants or the public or where state or local laws or ordinances are being violated, regardless of whether the event is properly permitted and complying with permit requirements. Intervention may include closing the event, if it is necessary in the professional judgment of the police chief or fire marshal.

 When the principal purpose of an event is to exercise freedoms protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution: the police chief shall issue or deny any request for special event permits for activities protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as soon as reasonably possible. The police chief will make every reasonable effort to respond to the event organizer within 72 hours after receiving the application and the provisions of sections 4, 5, 8 shall not apply, however First Amendment-related event organizers shall make every effort to provide information to the town such that public safety and order can be maintained throughout the event. A denial of the permit by the police chief may be reviewed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

 Please click here for the Resolution establishing a Special Events Policy.   

Special Events Policy

Special Events Application

 If your Special Event will include amplified noise, such as music, please include the Amplified Sound Affidavit with your Special Events Application.  For your convenience, you can access both Applications / Policies here. 

Amplified Sound Policy

Amplified Sound Affidavit

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